I’m Sorry Guys…

   So I haven't posted in... well a long time. I have fallen behind in school -related topics, and I've had a few...hardships outside of that in recent times, but its time to move on!  -I've been listening to a lot of Lofi recently... (btw go check this out its AWESOME)-    Last time I... Continue Reading →


Cafe Keough

Cafe Keough is a nice little coffee shop/cafe down on main street, Memphis. From the outside you get the impression that it is a refined law institute or something; Marble pillars, giant windows, massive doors; it really does look quite classy. Honestly, my mother and I would have barely noticed it as a cafe if... Continue Reading →

Quick Update

So this last week I was in Memphis, Tennessee. The City of Blues! It is also the city of barbecue, and if you know me, its kinda obvious that I LOVE me some good ol BBQ. Luckily for you guys, I took pictures of all the restaurants and...food items? Articles of edible-ness? Whatever, you get... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Peanut Butter

This is absolutely one of the best little stories I have ever read! Go check this guy out!

Incidental Punditry

You possibly may recall that in my last post, my wife had sent me to the store in search of, among other things, peanut butter.  Hold that thought for a moment.

I’m a child of the 50’s, the 1950’s to be specific. Compared to the culture and society that we have decided to saddle ourselves with in the 20-teens, the 50’s were a simpler and more innocent time.

Today happens to be the first day of the new school year in my neck of the woods.  As such, traffic conditions have gone from simply being atrocious to approaching near gridlock in many areas.  This is largely due to the fact that today’s school age child requires transportation to school with the preferred method being catching a ride with Mom or Dad in the family car. There are some children who ride the school buses which add to the traffic…

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Sandwiches In North Georgia

So, last week I went to north Georgia! It's so beautiful up there, mountains all around, cool air! Oh my, cool air! Down here in Florida (it's a big swamp with a beach surrounding it, really) its constantly humid and hot! I don't even remember the last time I've had a cold Christmas! Anyway, so... Continue Reading →

Hey You!

Yeah you! Like whatcha see? Then share the love a little, wontcha? ...No seriously, if you like my page, consider following and/or sharing my page to others!  

An Alien For Breakfast?

So, this morning I was... we'll say inspired. This morning I was inspired by both my mother and Brueggers Bagels. I wanted to create a Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel! SO I walked into the living room, and clicked on the TV, which just happened to be running a "remembering Anthony Bourdain" episode of his... Continue Reading →

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